In a mobilized world, we can fulfill every child’s right to education

Smartphone Schools Mobile Learning Program

Our Mission

Aliim is a non-profit organization whose mission is to leverage technology and mentors to provide refugees and marginalized youth access to safe, quality, and relevant education

“App Provides Education For Migrants On The Move”

On December 29, 2015 CNN’s Alison Kosik interviewed Aliim’s Founder & CEO, Janae Bushman live about our crowdfunding campaign and smartphone drive (see for information about the drive). 

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“Technology and Smartphones Could Help to Educate Refugees”

On November 30, 2015 CNBC’s Luke Graham, published about our innovative Smartphone Schools Program and the impact our program can have on refugees.

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Education Cannot Wait

Children Are Out-of-School Globally

#Education Despite War & Conflict


Children Affected by War are Out-of-School


Syrian Refugees Cannot Attend School

A Problem Worth Solving, And 2.6 Million Reasons Why

Currently, over 2.6 million Syrian children are without any form of education. Despite the best efforts of host countries in the region, many children have missed out on 2-3 years of school and are now verging on becoming a lost generation. Isn’t it time we try something new to reverse this trend? Help us save over 2.6 million Syrian children from becoming a lost generation through our innovative mobile learning program.

If they can’t come to school, let’s bring school to them!

Refugee Education Crisis in Jordan and Lebanon

A mere 2,000 Syrian adolescents are enrolled in Secondary School
Schools only have capacity for 20% of Syrian refugee children
400,000 total Syrian school-aged children remain out of school
Although traditional schooling is ideal, when that is not an option, we need a solution that can still provide safe, quality, and relevant education.

Our Solution, Smartphone Schools Mobile Learning Program

Bringing Education Into The Hands That Need It The Most

Why Mobile Learning Is Critical

Aliim is confident that mobile learning is the most efficient, scalable and cost-effective solution to address this educational crisis and we are moving quickly to make this a reality. Even with the proliferation of educational apps in developed countries and increasingly more affordable mobile devices suited for developing countries, few mobile learning initiatives are designed to specifically support the universal Education For All (EFA) goals. These goals are based on the right that every child has to an education. In a mobile learning policy report that was published in the fall of 2013, UNESCO clearly indicates that technology is a conduit for attaining EFA goals because it has the capacity to:

*Expand the reach and equity of education

*Increase learner responsibility

*Provide immediate feedback

*Record monitoring and progress

*Maximize cost-efficiency

*Improve communication and administration

*Minimize educational disruption due to conflict

the IMPACT we can make TOGETHER

Aliim’s Mobile Learning Program EMPOWERS out-of-school Syrian refugee children to:

Be resilient in their current situation
Actively build a good future for themselves
Contribute Positively to their new communities

What We Have Accomplished So Far
Built partnerships in Lebanon and surveyed Syrian refugee youth to find out what they want to learn and why
Developed the first curriculum framework for mobile learning in conflict-affected contexts
Created the pilot program plan and developed the app wireframe and user experience design

Now We Are Fundraising So We Can…


Obtain the Smartphones and Pilot the Smartphone Schools Program in Jordan and Lebanon

Pay for the app and platform development and create online learning content

Train Mentors and Supervisors
This is where YOU come in the picture. Take Action!

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