Smartphone Schools Program

Mobile Learning for Syrian Refugee Girls

Did you know that 91% of Syrian Refugee Girls, Ages 15-18, Are Out of School?

What if a Smartphone could...

Help girls prevent early marriage and reduce their exposure to abuse

Help working refugee girls transition back into formal education

Provide girls with the opportunity to learn in environments they feel are safe

“Nowhere is the challenge of extending access to education graver than in Lebanon” -REACH, 2015

Providing greater access to safe, quality, and relevent education has the potential to prevent 87,000 adolescent refugees from becoming disenfranchised youth in Lebanon

Advantages to Aliim’s Smartphone Schools Program

The Smartphone Schools program is unique in that it enables students collaborate with others and integrate mentor feedback into their work online. Program participants will develop basic numeracy, literacy and life skills, including English, citizenship, and entrepreneurship skills. These foundational skills prepares students to re-enter formal education, participate in the economy, and integrate into local host-communities.

The mobile nature of the Smartphone Schools program has many advantages over current education interventions offered in Lebanon for Syrian refugees and marginalized students.
1. The program is quick to develop, cost effective, and transferable across borders. Not only can we build the technology in less than three months, but also we can reproduce the program and expand into other countries much faster than it takes to build schools.
2. Without compromising the quality of education, we have minimized programming costs to under $300 per student for the entire nine-month program.
3. Students’ participation in the program is not beholden to one location. Whether students decide to stay in the current host country, relocate, or repatriate, their learning can perpetuate wherever they go.
Students Can Keep Learning Wherever They May Go
# Mobile Learning Reaches Refugees
Learn More About Aliim’s Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework Check Out The SlideShare Presentation Below

If successful, our program model could also be tailored to other conflict or emergency contexts